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Orgiastic Rebirth Interview

Below is a quick interview with Brutal Death Metal band
Orgiastic Rebirth from Auckland, New Zealand.

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.
no worries

When did the band start and what’s the current line-up?
Just under a year ago.Bob - drums, yarn - guitar/vocals, mastie - bass, KG - guitar.
You guys have been working on your album Corridors of Repugnant Suffering, can you give us some more info on this release?
it has seven originals and two covers. It was written throughout the year and recorded over the summer.
How did you get in contact with Ungodly Ruins Productions who are based in Russia?
I had been in contact with them just as my old band disbanded and reformed with different members.After we recorded the demo the label took interest in releasing a full length.
Russia sounds interesting, what country would you like to tour the most?
Papua New Guinea, Russia, Indonesia.dunno
You have also released a Demo in 2012, what was the feedback like? Do you still have copies available for anyone interested?
I don't think many people had a problem with it because it's $5 ,even with its MS Dos style.Hopefully we'll have some for sale at the gig on saturday.
You note Deeds of Flesh, Suffocation and Devourment as influences, what are some other bands you currently listen to, both national and international?
We all listen to different shit, but in a nutshell: Fleshrot, Aeon, Septycal Gorge,Dayton Family,Deicide,Carnal (NZ), Innard Splatter (NZ) 
Brutalfest is coming up this weekend, what can we expect from your live assault?
What other gigs are lined up for this year? Where can we catch the next show?
Feb 28 - kings arms tavern, March 16 - cabana hotel in napier.
For anyone who is interested, where can they contact you for merchandise and gig offers?
Thanks again for doing this interview. I look forward to this week.
The last words are yours….
xxx horse penetrates teen,

Revenge CDs


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Exordium Mors 'Sacrifice, Perish and Demise' EP

Exordium Mors(New Zealand) - 'Sacrifice, Perish and Demise' EP soon to be released on Hells Vomit Productions (Factory pressed CD)

Mixed and Mastered by CjS (Diocletian, Heresiarch, Witchrist) and artwork by Nick Keller (who has done artwork for Beastwars, Heresiarch and Razorwyre).

Wholesale and Trades available at -

Contact and support the band at:!/exordiummors

Reviews can be found at the following links:

Chaos in Tejas #9 Lineup

SABBAT/BÖMBER "Sabbatical Bomber" split 7"EP‏

The SABBAT/BÖMBER "Sabbatical Bomber" split 7"EP is now out !

 This is the first SABBAT release on Forgotten Wisdom. Let me tell you it's a big honor, and a feeling of entering an elite circle... Argh !
Sabbat's side is Hellfire, recorded live at Zion, 16th of september 2007, featuring Damiazell on guitars. Except no less than pure Sabbatical Madness !
As for Bömber, after two demos, the chilean sexalcoholics are back with rawer Black Metal track called Conjuration, still with their metal punk approach. Sounds like a mix of Hades Archer and Barbatos !
The EP comes in three different colors :
200 copies on blue color
200 copies on white color
200 copies on red color

Website/online shop :
Sounds :

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hells Vomit Productions now on Facebook!

Hells Vomit Productions out of New Zealand are now on Facebook.

You can find them here:

They have some very killer releases coming up. Keep an eye on them. Lots of Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and Metalpunk will be coming out from the Hells Vomit bunker.

Spread the link around and support a true Underground D.I.Y label. 666% support.

Sentenced - Shadows Of The Past LP OUT NOW!!!

Black Vomit Records Presents:

Sentenced - Shadows Of The Past LP
Obscure death metal from Finland released back in '91. Exclusive distribution of WHITE vinyl version by Black Vomit Records and limited to 100 copies. Comes with both sides printed innersleeve and huge 60x60 cm poster with album artwork

Order it here:



Interested individuals, zines, labels, distros etc. Send an email to

digital purchase:

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sewercide - Melbourne

Support this killer band from Australia. Pure Death/Thrash. Buy their stuff, go to their shows. Like them on facebook.

Band Camp:

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Free CD to the first 13 people...

The first 13 people to email will get a free CD sent to them! It could be a Thrash Metal CD, Death Metal CD or a Punk CD. We will answer all emails sent to us. Be fast! We will post to anywhere in the World.

Lot's of interviews coming soon for Grave Street Zine.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Abigail (Jpn) / Bömber (Chl) split CD

New signing, DEAD CENTER Prods will release split CD with two bestial bands - Abigail from Japan and Bömber from Chile. Both bands will present completely new songs, recorded exclusively for this split.
At the moment both bands preparing stuff, approx release date - September/October 2012. - DEAD CENTER Prods / ANTICHRIST Metalzine / store

Monday, 19 March 2012

Terrordrome 7'' EP,"Seeds OF Fear, Begotten" Out Now!!!

Announcement from Grindethic Records

Terrordrome with the help of,, and under exclusive license from are reissuing Terrordrome's side of the split CD with Oath To Vanquish, "Begetters Of Fear and Ruin" in a limited to 500 copies 7" EP vinyl. "Seeds Of Fear, Begotten" is specially remastered for vinyl by Tolis Siopis at Odeon Mastering, Thessaloniki, featuring also exclusively tailor-made artwork by Tom "Grindethic" Bradfield. Terrordrome celebrates 10 years of existence offering a package for real extreme music audiophiles and collectors. Stay tuned for Terrordrome's second full length album coming out early 2012.

Orders available at:

or e-mail at:

More copies for wholesales/trades available at:

Horizon Productions - BM Label/Distro

Still available:
Debut full length from the NJBM band Mortum. Features 7 tracks, clocking in at around 41 minutes. Atmospheric/melodic black metal reminiscent of Dissection, Sargeist, Behexen, and Satanic Warmaster.

Features 5 brand new tracks of raw atmosphere, strongly influenced by old Polish and Russian black metal. ... re=related

Coming Soon:
Re-press of Mortum "Isolation" t-shirts in all sizes (S-XL).

A crushing new release by New Jersey Black Metal hordes Mortum and Nuklearenpest. First recording featuring the new Mortum lineup, and a prelude to their upcoming full length, "The Rites of Depopulation". Third release from Nuklearenpest featuring a re-recording from the band's first demo, "Consigned to the Black Plague", and two exclusive songs. First pressing is currently sold out - second pressing on limited tape will be available soon with alternate artwork and an exclusive patch.
MORTUM: ... creen&NR=1

Tyranny Lives! Debut demo cassette from this ideological extreme black metal horde, 3 tracks heavily reminiscent of Dark Fury/Thor's Hammer. First 20 copies receive a logo patch.

Tarantula - Sons of the flame (1987)

Tarantula is the older heavy metal band of Portugal. They formed in 1981 and since 1987 they have released many albums. "Sons of the flame" is taken from their debut LP "Tarantula", released in 1987

Monday, 5 March 2012

Genital Meat Grinder

Listen to the unreleased album from Genital Meat Grinder here:

There is word this will be released on CD soon. Watch this blog for updates.

Hard Gore was recorded and mixed by N. Smith Oct. 2000 - Feb. 2001
Mastered by Carl Moore @ Immortal Studios
Logo by Jon Zig
Artwork by Jake from Tales from Uranus 'Zine

NOCTURNAL DAMNATION Demo Tape re-release Out Now!

!!!This is pure Nuclear Black/Death Re-desecration!!!
Re-edition of his Unholy demo + 1 Unreleased Raw track "Sabbat Of Carnal Depravity" Exclusive for this release.
Limited Edition Of Only 99 Unholy Copies.
US $5
Order contact :

Nocturnal Damnation upcoming release
Sadogoat Warmageddon Command(Demo) 7" out in spring
"Bloodshed For The Wargods" 3-Way Split 12" with Putrification Kommando, Seges Findere - out soon in Iron Bonehead
Baphometic Goat Of Thermonuclear War Split 7" with Nihil Domination
Full-length "Desecration Crucifixion Perversion" 2012
Tape - Silver Key Recrods
LP/CD - ?

Raising money through a Kickstarter campaign for my film!!!

This was posted at:

This is not myself. I am only trying to help with promo.


Hello! I am an independent filmmaker, Jason Caridi, based in Central New Jersey. I am producing/directing/shooting/editing a script I wrote called The Pit, and need some extra money to finish it. It is a film about lots of recent personal reflections and experiences, about musings on both reality and romanticism. I feel like this would be a fitting place to promote it because it was very highly influenced by metal, like most things in my life now. The film even opens with a montage set to a Negura Bunget song (Negru personally e-mailed me giving me permission to use their music). The themes and ideas in the movie, such as nihilism, romanticism, the unknown, isolation and darkness all cohere with metal ideologies, or lack of ideologies.

I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out my website at , went to the tab for The Pit and watched the trailer. The link to the Kickstarter campaign is on the front page of my site. If it interests you at all, I hope you would look at the rewards and donate. If you have any more questions, please e-mail me at

Thank you \m/
Jason Caridi

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Outsiders are coming back to Palmy on Friday March 16 to play at The Bad Cave.

Joining them will be locals Black Chrome, The Methadonnas and Death Grip.

All Ages!

$5 entry

Starts at 7.30pm

Dr.Monster,BlackChrome,Methadonnas,PomPom @Royal,PN,Mar 23

Dr. Monster
Black Chrome
The Methadonnas

Friday March 23 @ The Royal

Doors open at 9pm
First band at 9.30pm

$5 entry

Dr Monster returns to Palmerston North to terrorise the audience. Joining them will be local fiends Black Chrome, The Methadonnas and PomPom. Dont miss this horrific extravaganza.

Facebook event:

THE EXPLOITED - Auckland, April 2012

This coming April riot starting, bouncer bashing, cop baiting, hotel trashing, foul talking, noise making, chaos causing, venue wrecking, government hating, rule breaking, piss taking, unrelenting, punk rock band THE EXPLOITED bring their politically charged live show back to New Zealand.

The Exploited are not 'punkers' or any of the other cutesy, watered down, TV friendly names you might want to call them. The Exploited are punk rock.

Formed in 1979, the quartet created a simple, no-frills sound characterized by speed and aggression. Led by vocalist Wattie Buchan, The Exploited is one of the UK’s most politically outspoken thrash bands, who has built a strong and loyal following both at home and abroad for its anti-authoritarian stance and criticism of the government, particularly in the Reagan/Thatcher era.

In 1980, the group founded its own independent record label, Exploited Record Company, and immediately released their debut EP Army Life, which was #6 in the independent charts for eight weeks, and the top 20 for an amazing 18 months. They then released another single, "Barmy Army", which immediately jumped into the independent charts and remained there for 53 weeks, peaking at #4. In 1981 the band signed to Secret Records and released the single "Dogs of War", which peaked at #2 in the independent charts and #63 in the national charts.

1982 saw the release of The Exploited's first genuine classic album 'Troops Of Tomorrow' (#17), which ten years later was to see a medley of three tracks (most notably 'UK82' changed to 'LA92') covered by thrash metal band, Slayer, and US rapper Ice-T, for the 'Judgement Night' soundtrack. The homage was just further proof of the immeasurable influence that punk bands like The Exploited have had on the thrash metal scene. In fact, it can be argued that without them, there would be no Metallica, Slayer or Slipknot.

In over two decades The Exploited have been tear gassed by German cops, banned from Holland, arrested in Spain, declared that the Falklands are British forever whilst on stage in Argentina and have caused more carnage than a multi-car pile up on the M1. Throughout that time they have remained steadfastly true to their roots, never selling out, never splitting up (despite numerous line-up changes) and never bowing down. They've been accused of being dumb (yes, sometimes, but wilfully so) and causing trouble (guilty again, but smashing stuff is fun and punks are supposed to be obnoxious). But The Exploited are also fiercely (not to mention bluntly) socially and politically aware, covering everything from the Criminal Justice Act to the increasing use of Big Brother CCTV and never wavering from their anti-authoritarian, anti-war stance.

Don’t miss The Exploited when they tear up Auckland this April.



The Kings Arms, Auckland
Sunday April 29th

Tickets on-sale Thursday December 15th from and Real Groovy

SICK OF IT ALL / AGNOSTIC FRONT - Kings Arms - Wed 2 May

Tickets on sale today




Are you into good music?
Do you wish there was more people interested in good music?
Do you sometimes dream of having a show where you like all the bands?
Are you lacking in new good hardcore/punk?
Do you like to collect ONLY the best vinyl available at affordable prices?


On April the 4th, 2012 you will be one of the lucky people to see live:

Influence - Wellington's slow, dirty and full of weirdness punk rocking trio
Numbskull - Wellington's hairiest powerviolence?
Shock Futuro - Wellington's finest vaginal punk!!!!

If you like spending only $10 per show then this is the show for you!
This is THE OFFICIAL 7" release for SHOCK FUTURO. The anticipated RUIDO DESTRUCTIVO (destructive noise for all you ignorant people that only know 1 language) is OUT!!!! And for only $10 bux you can take it home and pretend you heard it when someone asks you about it cuz you dont own a record player cuz youre too cheap to buy one!
Set your calendars to BUSY and wear the scummiest shit you can find (or just ask travis for his tentacles of destruction tshirt)!

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